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Cassandra Services

Data-Aces brings deep expertise and insights to their Cassandra Services offering. Data-Aces has created and managed Cassandra infrastructure in Apache CassandraDataStax Enterprise (DSE) and DataStax Astra. We have worked with reputed clients on diverse solutions  which include solution architecture , implementation and  managed services.


Cassandra Implementation Services

  1. Application Development

  2. Integration and solution expansion

  3. Performance Tuning

  4. Best Practices training

Cassandra Support & Urgent Rescue Service

  1. Identify issue

  2. Resolve and Stabilize

  3. Document fixes

  4. Recommend other improvements

Cassandra Managed Services

  1. Operations Assessment

  2. Improvements

  3. Backup, Repair automation

  4. Best Practices training

Cassandra Quickstart Package

  1. Build PoC in preferred language (Java, Python etc)

  2. Developer training

  3. Build Initial cluster in Dev/Test/Prod environments

  4. Operations and Support Training

Cassandra for Microservices

Cassandra is a perfect match for enterprise microservices for its ability to scale, handle extremely high transaction loads and provide always-on availability in data in a world of social apps and IoT applications which require databases to handle the strain of huge data transactions.

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