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Managed Services

Data Aces provides Managed Services for Cassandra infrastructure, both on cloud and on-prem bare-metal clusters.

We bring a holistic approach to our managed services offering for both on-prem and cloud environments such as AWS and Azure, to align our services with your business goals and operational needs.

Operations Assessment

We start by assessing the current state of Apache Cassandra or DSE deployments and produce a comprehensive report that outlines our findings with respect to key configurations settings, data sizes, transaction volumes, replication factors, infrastructure etc. During this phase, we also work with the business teams to understand the use cases and constraints, which helps us in offering our recommendations for a smoother migration / deployment in the production environment, that meets the business needs and ensures easy adoption amongst various stakeholders. Our recommendations also place an emphasis on performance, availability and disaster recovery at the design stage.

Operations Automation




Operations Management

Cassandra Managed Services Package provides active monitoring, maintenance and updates for your Datastax Enterprise distribution (DSE) or open-source Apache Cassandra on both on-prem and cloud environments. Managed Services is offered with a mix of both automated tools and services developed during the assessment and automation phases.














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Data Aces has a suite of pre-built tools for automating many of the ongoing operations of a Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise environment. We also offer our expertise on several third party tools while customizing the infrastructure to suit your needs. Thus, the bouquet of tools is designed to offer flexibility of adding new integrations as well as migration, keeping in mind the automation of regular operations that are required for self maintenance of the cluster, which will include repair, back-ups, monitoring, alerting and clean-ups.


Standard  Support Package

Specific features of the Standard Package include:

  • Configuration of various services

  • Monitoring and alerts management of the entire DSE/Cassandra clusters.

  • Maintenance, updates and patch management.

  • Remote 8×5, email and help desk.

  • Level 1 Support (Levels 2 and above handled by Datastax)

Enterprise Support Package

The Enterprise package includes the following additional features:

  • Full, 24×7 remote monitoring and support

  • Optional onsite administrator

  • Dedicated project manager

Performance Management

Performance tuning is both a science and art requiring deep expertise in the way the entire software stack and infrastructure interact while running specific customer applications and workloads. Our team comes with impeccable performance engineering credentials and can do end-to-end performance management including custom benchmark creation, benchmark execution and tuning, investigation of performance bottlenecks in production and making recommendations for improvement.

We also offer Performance Management in cassandra and datastax enterprise as an ongoing service with periodic re-evaluation of application performance and fine tuning to ensure performance SLAs are met.

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