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Astra DB Services

Astra DB is a Managed Cassandra Platform on the Cloud. Focus on your application and Astra DB does the rest. Unlike self-deployed Apache Cassandra, there is no need to worry about deployment, management, monitoring and all of the other DBOps activities.  

At Data-Aces, we have experience developing and migrating Cassandra applications to Astra DB. We ported and migrated a suite of 18 heavy-duty, enterprise Cassandra applications to Astra DB in less than 6 months!


Astra  DB Architecture

  1. Current State Assessment

  2. Requirements for new architecture/apps

  3. Architecture and Roadmap

  4. PoC implementation 

Astra DB Implementation

  1. Application Development

  2. Integration and solution expansion

  3. Performance Tuning

  4. Best Practices training

Astra DB Migration

  1. Review Applications

  2. Propose new state-of-the-art frameworks

  3. Port DB and Applications

  4. Stabilize and Train Staff

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