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Pharma Commercial Solutions

 Whether you are launching your very first product (Congratulations!) or want to re-build your Commercial solutions for the next drug launch, Data Aces can help. Our modularized approach brings speed and innovation to get ready for your launch date. State of the art technologies power our ACE Suite of Pharma Commercial Solutions and our strong domain and technical experience means you are assured of success.

We understand all of the data sets and metrics that power Commercial Operations and are
ready to work with you to customize our solutions to your needs.

Commercial Data Warehouse

The key to success with analytics and reporting, is a strong data foundation i.e. the Commercial Data Warehouse (CDW).

Our Pharma Commercial Data Warehouse (CDW) Solution is cloud-agnostic and is offered for both Snowflake and Databricks. Being Cloud-agnostic, our CDW is ideal for companies who are sensitive to the host environment on which their data is hosted.

The data models in CDW are designed for high scalability and performance. They support pre-built dashboards and reports as well as ad-hoc analytics by business analysts. Our framework brings a fresh perspective and transparency to customers’ legacy architecture resulting in a lean data environment.

Our ELT Pipelines are built to automatically handle the data sources typically used in Commercial Pharma (Transactions, Claims, Field Sales, etc.) and is designed to be highly scalable to process multi-terabytes of data quickly to meet business needs.

The diagram below shows the architecture for the Commercial Data Warehouse Solution on Snowflake.











For more information and to see a demo of our Solution, please Contact us.

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