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Managed Services

Our Comprehensive Managed Platform Services allows for rapid development, deployment and management of customized Big Data, Cloud Data Warehouse and Analytics Applications to suit your business requirements. Our comprehensive platform provides tools that include data cleansing, transformation, and advanced analytics.

  • Consulting hours to help in the creation of end-to-end custom Big Data applications from data ingestion to predictive analytics to visualization and reporting.

  • Monitoring, tuning, maintaining and ensuring the smooth functioning of production applications.

  • Dedicated DevOps hours for bug fixes and enhancements to the applications.

This CMP is also available as Standard and Enterprise packages. We would be glad to have a conversation with you on our services and customized packages.

Our Big Data Managed Services encompasses a consulting and service implementation approach which goes further than any traditional managed services. In addition to taking complete responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, incidence reporting and trouble shooting for business infrastructure, we ensure that the services are made available with minimal disruption to the business users.

We offer our range of managed services with flexible configurations to suit your business and customer needs.

Comprehensive Managed Platform (CMP) Services:










Distributed Data Managed Services:

Distributed Data Managed Services includes On-Prem or Cloud Infrastructure that is virtualized, containerized and distributed on platforms such as Hadoop, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, etc. Applications built using micro-services architectures and Enterprise Data Hubs (EDH) require expert operational monitoring and tuning. Our DevOps engineers have expertise in:

  • security configuration and management (IAM, HIPAA, network security)

  •  automation of CI/CD (Git, Jenkins, JIRA)

  •  Containerized applications (Docker, Openshift, Kubernetes)

  •   Performance tuning (Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, Hadoop)

For more information, please Contact us.

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