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Implementation Services

Cassandra Implementation can be challenging for starters. It requires trained experts who can work with the internal business and database infrastructure teams to understand their requirements and design long-term scalable solutions. We have the ability and exposure to undertake such projects to ensure very high level of success. We offer a gamut of services from integration to detailed design to full custom implementation of both DSE and Apache Cassandra based solutions.

Our Architects and Engineers have hands-on experience of developing and implementing from-scratch applications to fine-tuning existing ones.

Specific Cassandra Services for Implementation include:

  • Data Ingestion design and implementation

  • Data Model design and implementation

  • Query optimization

  • Downstream application integration


Platform Expansion and Development for DataStax

DataStax Enterprise platform is extremely full featured and is growing rapidly with new features such as  DSE Search (Solr), Analytics (Spark) and Graph (TinkerPop/Gremlin) being added. A challenge that most customers face is with respect to integrating these new features for an amplified business benefit. Implementing these new solutions in an effective manner require deep skills in new areas such as Scala, Gremlin, Groovy or Solr. We see several customers who own DSE Max or one of the higher tier packages but are not using the rest of the platform except the Cassandra data store. Thus, we see a strong case for moving past ShelfWare and using the additional capabilities of the stack.

Specific Cassandra Services for Platform Expansion include:

Spark PoC

Pick a simple use case and implement it using Spark and cassandra. Examples include supporting a dashboarding tool using SparkSQL or migrating an existing ETL / data processing flow to spark

Search PoC

Pick a simple use case for an application that requires search, and implement it end to end on Cassandra, including Cassandra data modeling, solr core creation, integration into the front end application

Graph PoC

Select a simple use case that is well established as a Graph problem, identify a few simple flows for this, and implement in DSE Graph

For more information, please Contact us.

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